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Who are we anyway?

We are a group of volunteers trained by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to restore East Falls' urban forest and to generate environmental stewardship. In 1995 Sallie H. Maser and Lloyd Russow founded the group after a number of local residents completed the PHS Tree Tender Training course. We organize tree planting projects, sort trees, carry trees, label trees, plant trees, mulch trees, prune trees, water trees, inventory trees, and advocate for trees. We also provide educational programs and trips to nature centers for local elementary school students. To date we have coordinated the planting of 900 trees along 39 streets and provided programs for approximately 6,000 children.  We appreciate the support of the community along with our partnerships with East Falls Presbyterian Church, which provides meeting space and tool storage, and the Philadelphia Water Department, which delivers trees to planting sites.

Our fearless leaders

EFTT's volunteers: Ernie Giese, Peggy Gertz, Sue Harrison, Herb Henze, Gayl Henze, Kerry Lowe, Ray Lucci, Sue Park, Alice Reiff, Ed Ruback, Judith Ruback, Angie Sunderland, and others work with coordinator Cynthia Kishinchand. 

To learn more about EFTT and how to apply for a street tree, contact Cynthia Kishinchand,
Coordinator, at (215) 849-2474 or email crk3114@msn.com


We are a local organization of volunteers trained by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society whose mission is to restore East Falls’ urban forest and generate environmental stewardship


Apply for Fall Tree Planting

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Volunteers Needed for Spring Tree Planting


If you love gardening, mud, and a spring morning outdoors, consider volunteering to help with the Tree Tenders Spring Planting.  Bare root street trees will be planted by Tree Tenders’ volunteers on Saturday April 25, 2015 (rain or shine) throughout East Falls.  Under the direction of PHS-trained crew leaders, volunteers will work in groups of three or four to dig tree pits and plant trees.  Gloves and tools will be provided.  Contact Cynthia Kishinchand (215-849-2474) crk3114@msn.com to volunteer.

Pruning Club Volunteers: left to right: Ray Lucci, Sue Harrison, Ernie Giese, Brice Dorwart, Andrea Sunderland.

Volunteers, Spring 2014 Planting.

Spring 2014 Planting.
Ed Ruback, Ray Lucci, Eric King, Martha Kirby, & homeowner, Christine MacDonald

Free Yard Trees Offered

TreePhilly, a grant-funded partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Fairmount Park Conservancy, is offering free trees for property owners to plant in yards.  Trees will be available for pick-up at a number of Philadelphia locations in April.  Trees will be planted by owners in front or back yards.  Up to two trees are available for each address and free mulch will be provided for the trees.  Property owners may read more about the program and apply for trees at:  http://treephilly.org/.

Jake Margerum, Sue Hauch, Mark Donofrio

Gayl Henze, Ernie Giese, Herb Henze

Judith Ruback, Ed Ruback, Lauren King, Eric King

Ray Lucci and Philadelphia University Students on West Queen Lane

Mayor's Proclamation presented to East Falls Tree Tenders.  Sue Park, Josh Cohen (Councilman Curtis Jones' Office), Cynthia

Kishinchand, and Alice Reiff. April 2014.

Arbor Day Tree Planting, April 2014.  Cynthia

Kishinchand, Alice Reiff, Josh Cohen (Councilman Curtis Jones' Office), Pam

DeLissio (Pennsylvania State Representative), Lori Hayes (Philadelphia Parks & Recreation).

East Falls Tree Tenders Appreciation Award Presented by Cynthia Kishinchand to Brice Dorwart, Certified Arborist and volunteer pruning trainer.

Children play Parachute game following Arbor Day program with Jenn Arnoldi.

East Falls school children await Arbor Day program, April 2014.