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Notice of EFCC General Meeting


The EFCC General Meeting is held the second Monday of each month.

The next EFCC general meeting is:

Monday, September 12, 7 pm
Thomas Mifflin School
Penn & Conrad Sts

The East Falls Community Council represents and advocates for residents of the community; it is dedicated to improving their quality of life. Residents are encouraged to attend both the EFCC General and Zoning Committee meetings.

To be a voting member of the EFCC, you must be a resident of East Falls. Send your check for $10.00 together with your name, address, and email (for purpose of receiving notices) to EFCC, PO Box 12672, Phila, PA 19129.

Zoning Committee meetings
Third Wednesday of each month,
Down’s Hall, Philadelphia U.

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Next EFCC General Meeting

Monday, October 10, 7 pm

Thomas Mifflin School, Penn St & Conrad St

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